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Most Awkward Things You Can Encounter on Class Reunion With Royal Danisa, Epic!

High school reunions are perhaps a cringe-worthy yet necessary part of life. It can be a perfect storm of awkwardness, yet for some people, it’d still be fun since you can catch up with good old friends that you haven’t seen in years.

But being ready for small talk is what everyone has to expect. Like, you need to guess everyone’s name you don’t remember, explain what you’re up to these days because it’s been quite a while, and your turn to listen to their stories.

Well, you probably need help so we’ve compiled these awkward things you might encounter at a class reunion with royal danisa. Just letting you know these things so you won’t be in a freeze when you witness it 

1. Your high school sweetheart shows up

Or probably your crush. Since almost everyone’s coming, so you need to be ready of bumped yourself with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Well, chances are either they bring their new partner or they’re still single. Who knows?

2. Some butthead will bring up embarrassing thing you or anyone else did

High school is high school. If you have that kind of friends that at a reunion remind any embarrassing story you did back then to everyone, don’t run away. Be cool and show them it’s a part of high school memories to remember.

3. That person who comes and shock everyone

Everyone has their own story. But believe us, there will be that person who shows up, looking completely different from what you could remember! Could be their looks, their new lifestyle, their partner/children, or anything.

4. Small talk, small talk everywhere

At any reunion, expect to spend a lot, really a lot of time trying to explain what you do for a living. Then answer each and all questions everyone’s throwing at you. Some might be shocked as well to listen to your life story.

5. That person who will subtly brag how much money they make

People have different jobs but there’ll be that person who will tell you everything in detail about how successful they are. Claiming that they don’t brag, but well, it’s obvious that they brag. We get it, the parents are probably rich too.

6. Act surprised just like everyone else does

You shared your story, now it’s your turn to listen to theirs. Let’s just pretend as if you aren’t friends with them on Facebook or Instagram, and be shocked when they tell you interesting stories of their life. Ask questions to make it less obvious.

7. You will run into your high school enemy

Got some bullies in your school? Or people who you hate and hate you back? Just simply act nice even though deep inside you still hate them. Well, we’d say it’s better to forgive each other and have a happy life, isn’t it?

8. If you’re still single, people will ask you why and when you’re going to settle down

Some people are happy with their marriage life, some also still in a lovey-dovey mood with their lover. However, there are some who are still single as well. That might be you. If it isn’t, avoid asking people’s personal love life because maybe they hate to hear it.

9. After a reunion is usually dancing and drinking time

Travel back to prom night, shall we? Because your reunion won’t be complete without an after-party! Even if you don’t like it, consider to give it a go. You may witness the funniest moment during a reunion when everyone gets high.

10. After all, you’re glad to attend because high school is what kind of grows you into the person you are

High school left you with countless memories of good and bad, some learning experiences and some that you’ll take for the rest of your life. It may be hard, annoying, awkward, irritating, or anything you name it. But you’re going to miss it when it ends.

Come to a Reunion and You Won’t Regret It

So if you have a chance for a high school reunion now, why don’t you take a piece of that pie? Awkward things on reunion won’t matter, just have fun and enjoy the moment! Because who knows what the future may bring, right?

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